Our Petits Choux at Les Petits Filous Photo Studio – Review and Special Offer

Today I have another review and SPECIAL OFFER for BXL Sprout readers (just scroll down to the bottom to go directly to the to the special offer)!

As promised, I would like to introduce you to the eye-catching Les Petits Filous photo studio in Brussels!

Les Petits Filous Children's Photo Studio Brussels

The pictures speak for themselves

I’m gonna be honest here – the story behind this whole photo shoot review is actually embarrassingly long. Almost a year ago (!) I was contacted by them to do a giveaway post about their studio. I don’t usually post about products or services I haven’t tried myself and the email came at a busy time, so I was only really able to have a good look at their website about a month later. However, soon as I saw their photo gallery, I totally fell in love with the pictures and (almost unabashedly) asked if we could do a review of a photo shoot instead :)- sorry guys! But did I mention there’s a great promotion at the end of this post? Anyhow, we booked a session early in the year but, lo and behold it was the winter of all illnesses and there was cancelling and rescheduling until we finally had the shoot in June, right before they moved to their new studio… Enter summer, and here we are now! Can I just say how great they were with all of this? Really, all delays were entirely my fault…

Les Petits Filous Children's Photo Studio Brussels

My favourite picture of the Sprouts together

Les Petits Filous is run by Louise and Guillaume, both professional photographers with a background in portraiture and fashion photography, which really shows in their clean style and striking pictures. Louise hails from Jersey and usually photographs the English speakers while Guillaume, being French, normally works with the French speakers. A truly great idea to make the kids feel more at ease!

Les Petits Filous Children's Photo Studio Brussels

Yay for different backgrounds and bubbles!

This was actually the first time we were photographed professionally with kids. I was a bit worried of what to expect and how the kids would react to being front and center with a big camera pointed at them, particularly Sprout 1 who can be quite shy (read “hard to work with”) around strangers – not that you’d guess from the pictures!!! He ended up totally stealing the show, and even, um, trying to interrupt his brother’s portions to get back in… But Louise and Guillaume handled that quite brilliantly as well, redirecting Sprout 1′s attention, and capturing Sprout 2′s attention with bubbles (what kid doesn’t love bubbles?) and squeaky toys.

Les Petits Filous Children's Photo Studio Brussels

The jumping pic is one of Sprout 1′s favourites. Sprout 2 couldn’t quite jump yet ;)

It was amazing to see Louise do her stuff. We had spoken to Sprout 1 about going to meet a photographer who was going to take our pictures, but Louise and Guillaume really did make it fun… to the point where, during our bedtime ritual of “what was your favourite part of the day today?” Sprout 1′s answer was going to the photographer, despite having gone to a party in a park in the afternoon, with animals and games! I would say that’s just about the best compliment ever from a 4-year-old :)

Les Petits Filous Children's Photo Studio Brussels

More brotherly love

I really can’t stress enough how professional and great they were with the kids. You could really tell they loved their job and were good at it too. Louise started by asking us some questions on the sofa in their studio, just getting to know us like a friend might, and then off we went to the actual “photo studio” part of the room. She began with sprout 1, explaining to him that the big light was like a sun giving us light for the pictures and even letting him peek through her camera’s viewfinder.

Les Petits Filous Children's Photo Studio Brussels

I can not replicate this sweet face at home…

Lousie would gently prompt him to give her his best smile, or jump as high as he could and I was in awe with how cooperative he was. I mean, this kid almost always gives me a cheesy smile for the camera or some other contorted face, and this is assuming he stays still long enough for me to get more than just a blur! Luckily, movement is not only ok, but encouraged, along with props, as per the information pack we received pre-session.

Les Petits Filous Children's Photo Studio Brussels

Super Sprout! You’d be right to guess these are his favourites

One of Sprout 1′s favourite features was the background wall, which is a sort of ramp so he was able to literally climb the walls in true superhero style! Louise snapped away and halfway through the session, Guillaume took the memory card she was using and started prepping the secure online photo gallery which essentially means you can begin viewing and choosing your photos immediately after the session in their viewing area. It was very close to lunchtime for us, so we opted to do this online at home.

Les Petits Filous Children's Photo Studio Brussels

Melted mama heart…

Within a week the digital files (you get 5 edited pictures with the basic package) were ready for pick up on a flash drive containing the pictures in both high-resolution for professional printing and low resolution for internet sharing. It is possible to get more photos and professionally printed and framed fine art prints directly through Les Petits Filous as well. The usb flash drive itself was like receiving a little present! It was so beautifully packaged, which really sums up the whole experience.

Les Petits Filous Children's Photo Studio Brussels

hmm, I wonder what’s in here?

Bottom line… I would most definitely recommend Les Petits Filous for their stunning portraits. I think the full price is well worth it and there were so many wonderful pictures to choose from, we actually ended up purchasing quite a few more!

If you would like to try for yourself, Louise and Guillaume are offering BXL Sprout readers a limited time offer! Just quote BXLSPROUT when booking and get your shoot for €100 instead of €150 until October 31!!

For an idea of prices:

  • Photo shoot + private viewing gallery+ 5 digital photos = €150
  • Add 10 photos – €150
  • Add 20 photos – €225

They do kids, families, maternity and newborn photography, and will also travel to meet you for an extra fee. So go over to their gallery and check out their blog to get a feel for their work and book a session. Don’t forget to mention BXLSPROUT!

To keep up with promotions and their work, you can also follow along on their Facebook page.

Les Petits Filous Children's Photo Studio Brussels


Disclaimer: I received a complimentary photo shoot for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was given, and I was not obligated to write a positive review. All opinions are my own and I only recommend products I feel especially good about.

10 thoughts on “Our Petits Choux at Les Petits Filous Photo Studio – Review and Special Offer

  1. Perfect review and we experienced the exact same professionalism when we went to them! Our kids absolutely loved the experience and keep asking to ‘go play with Louise again!’
    High recommendation and we might even take advantage of this offer and go again :)

  2. We were just sent this article from a friend and are thrilled to finally hear about a high quality photo studio in Brussels – thank you and your pictures look fantastic. Best Regards.

    • Hi Lina! I’d be happy to add you as well, soon as I have the time to do some much needed updates. thanks for your visit!

  3. Just to follow up, we took advantage of the offer here and it was such a wonderful incredible experience. Our two children loved the shoot and we did too. The pictures were beyond our expectations (despite one of our children not sitting still for the whole duration of the shoot)
    And now we have the most wonderful christmas presents for the family! Thank you Bxl Sprout & Les Petits Filous.

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